Protect Segar Cove

A new three-acre oyster farm has been proposed for Segar Cove, Potter Pond, an expansion on the nearly 10 acres (according to DEM records) already in production.  Recreational uses including kayaking, fishing, clamming, sailing, swimming, water skiing, tubing, paddle boarding, etc. will be severely impacted by this expansion. Public access to any part of the lease site will be impossible, removing this water from the public domain!


Public Access Threatened

Approval of proposed lease would effectively privatize this stretch of water, cutting off all public access to and use of 3+ acres, while creating dangerous conditions for all other users! (The image at left was taken at the exact lease area and shows one of the many ways the public has historically used this water. )

The full Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Council considered the lease, and could not vote to endorse the project (a victory for opponents). The Waterfront Advisory Committee of the SK Town Council voted, unanimously, to OPPOSE this new farm. The Town Council agreed and sent the recommendation to the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC), who will decide the matter at PUBLIC MEETING, on a date yet to be determined. Perhaps in September? December? Sometime in 2020? (It's a bit of a moving target.) You can speak at that meeting, but we need to know how to find you...

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Why Are Recreational Users So Concerned?

A current image of the existing farm may shed some light...


(Image below by Robert Chase. (Thanks!) Can be downloaded for printing from menu-button at top of site homepage.)

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